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Remote BIM & CAD Specialists to Meet Your Goals

Join forces with Uptalent's community of world-class remote specialists, including architects, engineers, landscape designers, and interior designers. You can onboard the right talent in less than two weeks and take your projects to the next level.

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Trusted by the most exciting
Architecture, Landscape & Engineering companies! 

Industries we serve


Architecture and Interior Design 

From schematic design all the way through to design development and construction documents, building permits, and project management, our BIM/CAD experts are equipped to add significant value to your Architecture and Interior Design firm. With years of experience working in the US and Canadian markets, our candidates have an in-depth understanding of local codes and building systems. Plus, they are fluent in English and operate within similar time zones to you, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. 


Landscape Design

Many landscape companies are turning to Uptalent to tap into a vast pool of remote landscape design experts. Our candidates boast exceptional proficiency in technical drawing, detailing, horticulture, and plant selection based on climate area. And with their unmatched expertise in 3D modeling and stunning rendering visualization, they can bring your ideas to life and leave your clients in awe. We specialize in residential, commercial, and urban landscape design, covering all your needs with unmatched quality and professionalism. 

MEP, Structural and Civil Engineering

There is no such thing as a shortage of amazing engineers, you just dont know them yet. Get ready to experience the unbeatable talent and cost-effectiveness of Latin America's world-class engineers in all disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, civil, and curtain wall design. Our mission is to help your company access these exceptional professionals and reap the rewards of working with them directly.


Scale Your Operations Effortlessly and Achieve Your Goals with Top-Tier Talent.

With Uptalent, you can quickly build a customized team that integrates seamlessly with your operations, scaling effortlessly as your needs evolve. Our flexible subscription plans let you upgrade or downgrade as needed, and we provide top-tier candidates for you to interview and select. Once onboarded, your chosen team becomes an extension of your internal team, delivering high-quality results from day one. Trust Uptalent to build the perfect team to power your success.

Our Value Proposition


Our monthly subscription plans include:

World-class BIM & CAD Professionals

Flexibility & reliability

Similar timezones
as yours 

Proven Experience working for the U.S 

Fluent English and great communication

Transparent pricing

Efficient Real-time collaboration

No-risk trial period

Uptalent helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote BIM & CAD modelers and drafters in flexible 3, 6 and 12 month terms.

Our mission is to offer AEC companies a comprehensive one-stop solution with friendly terms tailored to accommodate their current workload.

Are you in need of more BIM & CAD support but struggling to find good talents?  Is the hiring process consuming too much of your time and resources?  We're here to help.

Get Straight to the Best: We expertly vet only the top CAD drafting, BIM, and 3D renderer talent from all across the world to join our teams, saving you countless hours of recruiting and 30 - 50% of typical overhead expenses that come with traditional hiring.

Tailor-Made Teams for Your Unique Needs: Our community of specialists possesses a diverse set of skills, including deep knowledge in BIM, BIM MEP, CAD, and 3d rendering. We can quickly custom-assemble teams of specialists to meet your specific goals.


Ready to Roll: Our BIM and CAD designers can start within a week and will be able to hit the ground running and add value from day one!

Scale Your Team for Less: you get access to a pre-vetted network of 300+ talents at highly competitive rates, who will serve as a seamless extension of your in-house team.

The Ultimate Solution to Upscale your BIM & CAD Team.


Our Flexible 3, 6, and 12-month terms
make it easy to join.

Teams are easily scalable as you grow. We have special plans for more than 1 hire.

Part-Time Role

20-hour work week

Our expert adapts to your culture, goals, and expectations

Dedicated Account Executive

Our experts work within similar or identical time zones, enabling seamless real-time collaboration

Communicate directly with team via Microsoft Teams, Slack, Email or calls.

Starting at:

Production Level: $2,950/mo

Job Captain/ PM Level: $3,150/ mo


Full-Time Role

40-hour work week

Expert fully dedicated to your company

The expert adapts to your culture, goals, and expectations

Dedicated Account Executive

Our experts work within similar or identical time zones, enabling seamless real-time collaboration

Communicate directly with the team via Microsoft Teams,  Slack, emails, or calls.

Case Study: Oakland Civic Center

Oakland Civic Center

Courtesy of Orton Development

One of our recent projects involve CAD drafting and REVIT modeling of the entire electrical plans of the Oakland Civic Center.  We have been collaborating directly with Monarch Engineers, the engineering firm in charge of the electrical installations for the project since July 2019.


Our team is comprised of highly experienced design specialists who possess a deep understanding of both design and architecture, ensuring that our progress on the electrical blueprints is always congruent with the latest versions of the building model.


We take care of all the modeling and drafting needs so our client's team can focus on their core tasks.  As the volume of work grow and deadlines get tighter, we are able to easily scale up our team and add resources to meet any deadline.  The results of our work include:

Quality deliveries that are always on time for your client's meetings.

Seamless process through all iterations and project modifications.

Continuous and effective communication between our team and our client's team, including 24/7 responsiveness unimpeded by the difference in timezones.

More time for our client to focus on the other important tasks.


Our Happy Clients

We needed additional BIM and CAD specialists to help our company speed up production and decided to reach out to Uptalent. From Revit to CAD and other design challenges, the team exceeded our expectations. We appreciate the quality of their designers and a good project manager who communicates quickly and efficiently. We'd absolutely recommend Uptalent to other architecture design firms. ” 


Roberto Cortez, CEO

Monarch Engineers

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