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Supercharge your work with a dedicated team.

Our creative teams will take care of all your design needs so you can focus on your more important tasks.

Stay up-to-date! Join hundreds of companies learning how to do design at scale with Uptalent.

Trusted by companies worldwide, including:

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Our subscription packages include:

A dedicated project manager

A carefully vetted team of top talents

On-brand designs

Flexibility & reliability

Frictionless communication

Transparent pricing

Fast Turnaround

No-risk trial


Uptalent helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote designers and teams

Our subscription plans start at $1,500/month, complete with a 7-day risk free guarantee.  You can also try a stand-alone design project before choosing the subscription plan that is right for you.


We understand the challenges you face: being stretched thin with having to provide multiple support requests at once while given limited HR resources.  We are here for you.

Trained on your brand guidelines, our dedicated team of premium designers will serve as a seamless extension to your in-house team.


To meet your deadlines, we can deliver high-quality results within 12- to 24-hour cycles.

Need high-level design concepts?  Our design directors are always ready to help with brand audits and consulting.

marketing manager
Maketing Teams
sales manager

Sales teams,

We'll take care of all your design needs so you can stay focused on your winning pitch.

Our dedicated team of premium designers will make sure your deck is on-brand and have an impact at the same time.

To meet your deadlines, we provide 12- to 24-hour turnaround options.


Each team will be lead by a designated design director to save you the time and hassle of managing designers.

Product teams,

We understand your pain points.  Shipping new products involves numerous mockups designs, iterations, and weekly to monthly update presentations.  It's easy to become bogged down by the seemingly endless number of side tasks.  Our team is always ready to help.

We can take care of the mockups and UX/UI of your products so you can focus on the high level concepts.

Our team can create your product release decks so you can focus on product development and long-term strategic planning.

product manager
Sales Teams
Product Teams

Examples of what we can build for you

GD Pricing

Our Flexible Monthly Graphic Design Plans

10X more efficient than hiring freelancers


Pay as you go

Standard rate:  $45/hr (for designs based on templates)

Creative rate:  $65/hr (for creative work)

No dedicated art director


Credit card billing

Communicate via email



10% Discount

30-37 team hours per month

Dedicated art director

Access to 24-hr turnarounds

Credit card billing

Communicate via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk free guarantee




20% Discount

75-80 team hours per month

Dedicated art director

3-4 dedicated premium designers

Dedicated premium developer if needed

Access to 24-hr turnarounds

7-Day risk free guarantee



30% Discount

160-170 team hours per month

2 dedicated art directors

Custom assembled premium design teams

Dedicated premium developer if needed

Access to 12-hr and 24-hr turnarounds

7-Day risk free guarantee

Intermediate Candidates

For high complexity production projects requiring proficiency in BIM and CAD.
Starting at:
  • Part-time: $3,200/ month.
  • Full-time: $4,300/month


Type of Roles included in this plan:

Architecture & Interior Design Senior BIM modeler BIM manager Job Captain Project Architect BIM Project Manager Civil, Structural and MEP Engineering Structural engineering drafter MEP specialist Curtain Wall expert Landscape Senior Revit landscape designer


I was looking to improve a pitch deck presentation for my potential investors. My pitch deck was okay but not great, I’m glad I found the guys at Uptalent, they responded very quickly to my inquiry and within a few hours, I was already working with a great designer. I’m very impressed on the speed and quality of their services, I’d definitely hire Uptalent again soon!” 


Martin Bermudez, CEO


How may we help you accomplish your design goals, today?

Book a 15-min consultation with us so we can:

Get to know you and your goals.

Understand your business needs.

Walk you through our simple process.

Discuss the best design solutions for you.

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