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10 "must-have" Tools for Marketing Managers

Every marketing manager has its own way to work. Some might prefer working with Google apps, others with Microsoft. But what all are looking is to maximize their time, increase their capacities, and understanding with their groups.

And marketing for small business offers different challenges every day. So getting to know the best tools for you, will make the difference when it comes to the organization of your daily duties.

They can certainly help you automate some tasks, so you just have to take a small time to the setup and forget that duty ever existed!

Just to keep in mind, there are 3 things you should keep in mind when choosing the right for your marketing team:

● Always make sure they’re cloud-based: meaning your remote teams no matter where they are, have access to it. And also because of security issues, you don’t want to have all your work in one place only.

● Collaborative: the tools you want to choose should be easy to access for all the members. Especially when it comes to marketing, collaborative tools are great to share information and updates of your work.

● Usability: before choosing which one is the best, try them and ensure they are actually easy to use for all the members.

Here are some of the 10 best tools that every for marketing manager should look into:

1. Slack: the best way to keep your employees together, sharing files, working on updates on projects, following up with them. You can not only chat but also organize projects in channels and it does integrate with Google Docs.

2. another must-have tool for keeping a constant eye on your effective marketing strategy. It’s a visual tool where you can see all the workflows of your team, automate many processes, and integrate it with other apps like Eventbrite or Hubspot. If Slack is to communicate, is to follow up on everything and instantly know where you are at each process timeline.

3. Google Analytics: find everything you need to see how your website and campaigns are performing, in real-time. It has the data you need to make decisions, get insights to understand your best performing content and get to the best results for your marketing campaign.

4. Hootsuite: the app you need to automate the process of publishing on social media. It really does most of the work, so once you have your social media graphics, you just have to upload them and forget about your content calendar. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WordPress, and more! It also allows working with a group so it’s all in one place, ready to hit the target audience.

5. Zoom: do you have daily meetings? Or need to host an online webinar? Look no further with Zoom. It does make a pretty good job for group callings, or even webinars and masterclasses.

6. Dropbox: the app to work with when you have documents to share with your team. You can host all of them in a solid platform like Dropbox. You can edit, sign important documents, and it comes with stats! You can actually work with your team and clients to see and comment on all the documents there.

7. RocketLink: a tool for retargeting your ads and grow your business from just a link. It makes a pretty good job with all the links you manage daily by giving you the chance to use them for growing your potential buyers.

8. Mailchimp: this effortless app is great for designing your email marketing strategies. It’s easy to use and has lots of templates! You can even leverage your marketing strategy by creating simple sales funnels.

9. Wistia: one of the best video platform you can name of. Wistia is a smart platform to share your videos, create and adjust them, and build real connections with your audience. It also allows you to host them!

10. Canva: when you need to create images from scratch and you or your team aren’t designers, make sure you have your Canva account ready to work. It does make the process of creating flyers, social media posts, blog images, and more with just some clicks.

So now you know what you can start working with to make more in less time, work efficiently with your remote team, and grow your business.


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