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How To Create the Perfect Instagram Ad

When you’re looking to grow your business, online channels can give you some interesting paths to explore. And Instagram has recently become one of the best online platforms to enhance any social media strategy.

If you’re wondering why that is, there are two main answers. First, the number of users that the social media platform, acquired by Facebook, can potentially reach. And the other, as a result of the first, it’s the amount of information about your ideal client that we -as marketers- can target and use in there. Can you imagine having your market in one place? That’s part of what Instagram has to offer.

Instagram can be a very incredible online platform when you’re thinking about enhancing your business. Mostly, because it has one of the most powerful business managers for ads, powered by Facebook. In numbers, Facebook and Instagram reported 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020.

So that being said, as a Marketing Manager, the opportunities to go from zero to hero are high. Instagram not only offers the organic part but also the ability to create a perfect ad to reach directly to your defined audience.

The Road To a Perfect Instagram Ad For Your Social Media Strategy

Yes, we know you’re looking to create that online piece that will drive you to lots of sales. But to achieve that, you must have into account the perfect parts on an Instagram ad such as design, copywriting, call to action (CTA), and targeted audiences.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating them.

1. Too much text will kill your ad

It’s a fact that when you’re looking for the perfect Instagram ad for your social media marketing channel you don’t have to use much text. The image shouldn’t have more than 20% of each image you’ll use. Think of it like this: when you have a square image and you can split it internally into 25 little squares, up 5 of them can be used with text.

This is a pretty important fact when defining the text that goes in the post and

Facebook/Instagram provides us with a special website to check it. Click here to access it.

You may wonder what happens if your image has more than 20% of the text. Well, Facebook will detect that you aren’t following the rules and will not place your ad. It won’t run.

To avoid any problem, always make sure your designer checks that the image has

the right balance of text. Also, a right-balanced Instagram ad will be shown to a bigger audience that one that has too much text– even when they’re approved to run by Facebook!

Tip: Logos can also be considered as text when they’re a typographic logo. So it’s likely that Facebook will consider them as part of the 20% of text allowed.

2. Test the Power of Your Instagram Ads

A powerful social media marketing strategy always considers a testing part. One of the best pieces of advice when creating your perfect Instagram ad is to do it as well. Testing is always the best way to discover which is the format for your ads.

Test your creativity, and try different images, texts, and designs. There’s no better way than when you can create at least 2 different ads, about the same topic and make them compete to see which one has the most to offer.

Testing also means that you’re letting your audience to decide which is the best. Isn’t that a great feedback?

3. Timing and Strategy

Although this is not part of the Instagram ad itself, strategy, and a content plan of your social media marketing account can make the difference. How would you feel when clicking an Instagram that goes to a business profile with no content nor information. It would feel like a dead-end, the worst nightmare of your client.

When using paid ads for Instagram, always keep in mind that it’s only one part of your strategy, but not all of it. Your account must share the right information about your business, so when you finally get that new potential client, they’ll know about your brand as a whole.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your online business by checking that all the pieces get together to bring the best of the results.


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