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Investments in your architecture firm that boost staff productivity and showcase its values

With the recent changes in the work sphere, shifts from office work to online smart-working, and ping-ponging back again, it is very difficult to keep the creativity and productivity of your employees high at all times.

However, below you can find several tips on how small changes and investments in your architecture practice can lead to increased staff productivity, better teamwork, and as a result a more successful work. Adapting some of these ideas at different times can keep your staff motivated and always eager to improve.

Attract and work with smart people

Since we are not experts at everything, investing in smart people and building the right team is crucial for both the staff and the architecture firm. Hiring the right professionals with the right skills needed for your office showcases your company’s values to identify and attract talent. In this way, it also aids you to grow in the right direction.

Branding, marketing, and publicity

Sometimes, professionals in the field of architecture and design usually plan on investing both time and effort in marketing during the times when no projects are coming on board. This is not a feasible strategy, because we need not only invest during crises or when we lack potential interesting projects, but marketing and publicity should be a consistent effort in your firm.

Make sure to always follow a reliable marketing approach, which has similar outcomes: increased credibility, wider visibility, more potential clients, and a better opportunity to leave a mark in the architecture and design industry.

Ergonomic and comfortable furniture

It is important for a design practice to invest in ergonomic office furniture. Ergonomic work furniture is beneficial in long term both for the employees' health because they support good posture and employees' well-being through their comfort. Comfortable chairs and work desks can increase productivity and concentration during work hours. Also, this furniture has the ability to reduce work injuries and will be less likely to spend time away from work, leading to more work time at the office.

Readings, training, etc.

In order to increase professional knowledge and offer inspiration, it is important to invest time in reading. Reading news, books, journals, or magazines are genuine sources of new knowledge that your staff needs to be updated and grow intellectually. Consider subscribing to several architectural and design magazines that are aligned with your design philosophy, so that the employees at your architecture office can improve, and therefore be more creative and fruitful in the workplace.

Some other worthy investments for architects and designers are in the field of personal development. You can consider joining your employees in online courses, workshops, or training based on their interests and the required needs your practice has. Such programs open up their thinking, enhances their creativity, and develop expertise in a variety of topics.


The benefits of traveling to places and widening the horizons to the different cultures, traditions, heritage, and trends can have a very positive impact on the architectural style of each architect and designer. Even though the global pandemic is still not close to being over, it is essential that you offer travel opportunities to your employees, whether as staff retreats or as paid travel journeys to places of high interest for particular projects. They can come back with new energies and influences that should be to the benefit of everyone at the office.


It is crucial to invest time and effort in networking, building, and maintaining public relations by attending events and social gatherings. This strategy not only grows your practice’s professional network but also builds your credibility within your existing networks. It shows your community involvement and attracts the right audience to your work.

Consider hosting online events and gatherings during pandemic times, so that none of your professional relationships get weakened. It is important to also engage and encourage your staff to participate in such events by representing your office. This will make them feel part of the family, and have a great impact on their work and productivity.


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