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Tips to creating great content that brings in more clients to your architecture firm

Staying relevant is essential to growing your client base. However, with the shift to more online presence, compared to the physical one, it has become increasingly difficult to always be “out there” and up-to-date. Because of this, showcasing your project portfolio, skills, and ideas online is a great way to increase your presence in the online world of the architecture industry.

A common mistake most architecture firms make when it comes to their online presence is the unclear position they take when showcasing their work through their official webpage and platforms. It is key that you build your website and/or social media page so that it appeals to your potential clients, more than other fellow architects and professionals. Four ways on how you can create great online content that can help you bring in more clients to your company are explored below.

Clearly list down your services

Do not underestimate a clean and user-friendly website. Most of your future clients are on the lookout for a great architecture firm that has experience in the field that they need your service for. Therefore, it is important that your official website and/or social media platform clearly shows the services you provide and the type of projects that you can give expertise in.

List down the industries you want to serve your services to as an architect and designer, such as residential, commercial & offices, hospitality, educational, religious, etc. It is also important to accompany each service with several samples of your previous works so that your office's credibility is considered high.

Identify your ideal clients

For young architecture and design firms, the profile of their clients is not so important, compared to the need for them. However, with time and as the business grows steadier, it is essential that you have a clear image of the ideal client you want to attract to your firm.

It is usually helpful if you focus on the decision-makers of other companies and businesses, such as chief executive officers, directors, founders, etc. because they are the ones who usually identify the persons they want to work with on their future projects. Try to appeal to their way of working and operating, and soon your office will be in the spotlight.

Create your client persona

In addition to the above tip, you can also try to create a client persona, or a fictitious profile of your ideal client, that includes his/her age, gender, location, occupation, motivations, likes, dislikes, etc. You can think of the answers to the following questions, and ideally base your online content so that you satisfy the needs of your future client:

- What are their main interests?

- What job do they do?

- What are their biggest challenges?

- How does your service help them solve their problems?

- What are their concerns about your services?

The answers to these questions can position you into a clearer vision of the works that your architecture firm will potentially take in the future.

Create and share your content

After working on finding the right answers and solutions to the above tips, you can start focusing on creating and sharing informative and appealing content to your actual and future audience. Publish how-to videos, share your previous clients’ experiences and feedback, create informative social media posts that showcase the services you offer and how they can make life easier.

Engaging with your audience via educational and informative content not only adds value to your firm but also displays the most serious professional profile to your future clients. You should always be on the lookout for new ideas and posts that are coherent and relevant to your audience and your fellow professionals. It is important that your content is being showcased to your target group of potential clients, without leaving aside other architecture and design firms and practices.


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