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Uptalent Is Changing The Way To Build Remote Design Teams

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Uptalent, a new cutting-edge startup’s recently launched platform promises to bring an alternative way to hire world-class remote design teams in a cost-effective way. If the road to success in business is paved by identifying pain points and solving them, then Uptalent is already on their way. Online job sites available to designers and those they connect with, tend to disregard the user experience of those who log into them daily. Upwork, which describes itself as “the world’s largest online workplace,” is a free-for-all of talent where designers can have difficulty standing out. Too much of the talent vying for jobs on these platforms drive down the value of the services they offer by bidding low. Low rates are generally an indication of second rate quality work. Amateur designers diminish a lot more than the brand credibility of sites they are on. They raise doubts that online freelancer platforms are legitimate ways to find top temp talent in general.

Businesses who rely on platforms to hire top freelancers have their own frustrations, a common one being that it’s a strategy that can make it difficult to properly forecast the quality of the work they'll get. The process of scrolling through hundreds of profiles can feel like a crap shoot. Uptalent is replacing the DIY aspects of searching for talent with an actual structure, thankfully. Uptalent cofounders are poised to bring a new and improved experience to businesses who hire remote designers in cities around the world who use their platform. Whether potential clients are looking for design support, they'll be able to find it without the guesswork, Uptalent's main objective being to personalize search for clients seeking dedicated remote design teams.

One aspect that makes the Uptalent concept unique is that clients will have the ability to submit in-depth descriptions of their projects to a site specialist who will work in their behalf to match them with the top designer who best suits their needs.

The Project Management elements that the Uptalent platform offers eliminate the hours, if not days it can take for clients to weed through thousands of profiles. Uptalent also promises to employ much higher recruiting standards for designers interested in offering their skills on their site.

“Our mission is to create a community of highly qualified designers to find projects they love. Our promise is to deliver high-quality products based on your needs. We stand behind every project and make sure we provide the superiority you need. Quality is in our DNA and it’s our top priority,” copy on the Uptalent website says.

With much of the online job domain inhabited by companies such as LinkedIn that have huge brand recognition but negligible growth value, Uptalent strives to bring tangible improvements to how talent is linked with businesses who need it. A bread and butter sector that continues to fall short of engaging users to the extent that they need, Uptalent will aim to take market share from companies focused on platform design and features while ignoring negative feedback from users, which is obviously not a growth strategy. Giving users what they actually sign up for is, but Internet based companies in the job site sector, unfortunately, haven’t digested this yet. Few would disagree that Uptalent's rethinking of how remote design teams and employers interface is long overdue.


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