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Why Outsourcing your Design Will Make you Grow

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Is the future of marketing and design remote? For some companies, outsourcing is a smart way to scale a business while satisfying their clients. For some others, it is the way to specialize in their niche. But they all have in common one thing: outsourcing is the way of growing.

Working with freelancers can open ideas, new ways of relating to your product, new knowledge to your marketing or design team. If you’ve never worked like this, it’s about time to explore it. You won’t regret it!

Here are some of the benefits.

Build up your team

Working with remote teams in your designs can actually be a huge benefit to produce better marketing results. Let’s say you have five clients and one designer in your organization. There’s no way your team can cope with all of it, yet, it’s possible to do it! How? By outsourcing with freelance designers, you’ll make more money coming from those projects and deal with an amount of work you’d never thought capable of.

By dividing your design needs and finding the right person to do it, you’ll open the doors to new income.

Provide the best quality design work

Not only in the design area, but in others, global outsourcing is a powerful fuel to grow. In 2018 Google surpassed the number of outsourced teams around the world versus their in-house ones, and they’re not less than 89K in house employees.

And here’s another benefit of doing it. When you hire a graphic designer specifically working for years for a publishing company and you have a client in that area, they’ll be a match. You won’t have to train your employee. This a time-saver solution!

Save money!

While this is one of the most known benefits, it’s a big difference. You can find excellent design freelancers and agencies from anywhere around the world, looking for clients like you! And the fact that you can globalize your business means that you can make your budget work better.

How? Simply by investing your money at its most. Explore those countries with excellent education skills and professionals, where your local capital can be more significant than it is locally.

Saving money, finding the right freelancer who adds experience to your team is a no brainer decision.

How to make outsourcing your design work

At this point, you’re probably ready to outsource your design area. But wait there! There’s still one more thing to consider to leverage your team’s work. And this is how to actually make it happen and make it work.

Here are some tips:

-Start small: it all starts with a step. You don’t necessarily need to give your outsourced team a tremendous amount of work to start. Getting to know how the freelancer works with small tasks is the best way. Going from a quick job and then adding more responsibilities will help you understand if it’s a match!

-Dig into niches: now you see you’re not far from outsourcing, use professionals that are indeed experts in their design fields. The more specific, the better. Take advantage of your possibilities to level up your web page design, print design, or others!

-Don’t think small: allow your company to grow, and grow by outsourcing. It’s a myth that only big companies can work with freelancers or take a lot of work and money. When you find the right match, it shouldn’t! Out there, there are many freelance professionals and small companies looking to work with someone like you! Opening your possibilities is never a bad idea.

-Increase innovation: once you know your outsourced team or employee is reliable and it can help your business, aim for more! The best way to move forward with your design need is to do it with someone who knows their field. Allowing and making innovation happen is always good wherever it comes from!

-Hire a graphic designer online: there are several online platforms to get you started in the outsourcing world. And several reliable design companies online, from all over the world. Always make sure the time zone and language are close enough to work fluidly.

Have you considered global outsourcing design solutions for your company?

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