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We make scaling your team easy

Hire top software developers and drafting technicians

Fast, cost-effective, same time-zone

Stay up-to-date! Join hundreds of companies learning how to hire top developers with Uptalent.

Trusted by companies worldwide, including:

Our hiring process includes:

A dedicated project manager

A carefully vetted team of top talents

Perfect Matching

Flexibility & reliability

Frictionless communication

Transparent pricing

Fast hiring turnaround

No-risk trial


Uptalent helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote software developers

Our developers start at $2,500/month (part-time) $4,500/month (full-time), complete with a 7-day risk free guarantee.  

Startup Companies

Startup companies,

We understand how challenging it can be to test your value proposition or building an MVP when given limited internal resources.  You need solid developers to help you experiment and iterate quickly but on a small budget.  We are here for you.

Our trusted software developers will work directly with you to ensure speed and quality to build your ideal solution.

Our teams can quickly scale as needed, without the hassle or extra overhead costs that come with traditional hiring.

We expertly vet only the top software developers from all across the world to join our teams, bringing you fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Startup Companies

Midsize companies,

Are you spending too much time interviewing candidates?  Are you frustrated with unreliable freelancers? Our team can take care of all your software hiring needs filtering the most qualified candidates so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Our pre-vetted software developers are always ready to jump in.  It's like having an extension of your in-house team on demand, saving you time, hassle, and overhead costs.

Smooth communications. Our developers work in similar time-zones so it's like working with them in your office, just remotely. 

No more worries about the lack of human resources.  Our teams can quickly scale to tackle all your development projects.


Each account comes with a designated account executive to save you the time and hassle of admin, payments, and other non-development distractions.

Midsize companies
Midsize companies
Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies,

Are your teams overloaded with customer requests and tight deadlines?  We're here to help.

Our software developers can jump in at a moment's notice, serving as a seamless extension of your in-house team.

We offer fast hiring turnarounds and affordable monthly packages, giving you continuous access to our pre-vetted talent pool.

Our teams are highly scalable, without the hassle or extra overhead costs that come with hiring more in-house developers.

Creative Agencies

Examples of what our developers can do for you

WEB Pricing

Our Flexible Remote Staffing Monthly Plans

10X more efficient than hiring freelancers

Part-time (80 hrs/mth)

No Discount

20 hrs per week (Part-time)

Dedicated project manager

Communicate via email, Slack, or calls

Credit card billing

7-Day risk free guarantee

$2k - $4k  



Full-time (160 hrs/mth)

$4k - $7k


20% Discount

40 hrs  per week

Dedicated project manager

Dedicated premium designer if needed

Communicate via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk free guarantee

2 Full-Time (320 hrs/mth)

$8k - 10k      /mo

30% Discount

80 hours per week

Dedicated project manager

Dedicated premium designer if needed

Daily stand-up meeting with your team

Communicate via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk free guarantee


The team at Uptalent connected us with a highly qualified software developer from Argentina to do an API integration and a recommendation algorithm on my e-commerce website. It saved us a lot of time searching for this specific kind of talent. Their customer service was excellent and project management seamless.” 


Alessandro Rinaldi, CEO

Chesini Performa

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