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10 Tips for Creating Quick Graphics for Your Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is a great way to reveal your product or service and enhance your brand. As a marketing manager, you know that but you may also know that it takes time and money.

So, how to make great content without the burden of using Photoshop? Maybe your team doesn’t have a design agency to work with, or you want to make things work. We get that.

So today we’re going to give 10 tips for creating quick graphics for your social media posts.

1. Having a social media strategy helps!

This might sound familiar to you. But it’s true. Think about a cooking recipe: what happens when you don’t use the exact amount of each ingredient? Or even when you don’t follow the instructions for a cake? A social media strategy is a must-have structure for your online business. Taking the time to work on it and having it aligned with your online goals will definitely improve time and effectiveness.

Time because your marketing team doesn’t have to think every day on what to post, what to say, or how to say it. They’ll have a document that tells them what to do. Is that simple, isn’t it?

And when the time of creating your social media graphics comes, it’ll be so much easier.

2. Colors, colors, colors

If you don’t have any idea of design, we have to tell you that colors are part of a brand. Colors make it singular and unique, and they create what’s called a brand palette.

Think about yellow and red. What brand comes to your mind? Mcdonald's.

Some said the golden color represents the famous arches of its first franchised restaurant, while the red color represents the food industry of this company. And since 1940, they have kept those colors (and black!) so we immediately know that’s the famous burger’s company.

Sticking to your brand’s colors is pretty important when thinking of your social media graphics. As they are part of your communication, always use the same defined colors.

3. Stick to your fonts!

Also as part of your online brand message, the use of fonts is very important. If you mix them all the time, you could make your audience feel confused.

As part of your social media graphics, the use of fonts must be aligned. Pick the perfect ones. And once you do, stick to them!

4. Use mood boards

A mood board is always a great idea for inspiring yourself. How do you see your brand? Well, with a mood board you can put together all those inspiring fonts, images, colors. All that you like in one place.

Usually, they are used by graphic designers to create a general idea of the brand. As part of the process of creation, mood boards are a great opportunity to visualize your brand!

5. The power of layouts

A social media strategy should be easy enough to let everyone in your team know about how to work with graphics, what kind of images you need. Even what’s the goal that each of them is pursuing.

So layouts come to help you have all that strategy condensed in several pictures you can use as a structure for a lot of posts!

6. Shapes and icons

Always make sure to have different icons and shapes that are easy to combine and create a good post. You can find them online for free and have them as a resource.

7. Images are everything!

Images, weather you have ones or from an image database are a pretty important resource for your social media posts.

If you need online images for free use:,,

8. Divide your content

Once you have a social media marketing strategy you divide and multiply your content to get more posts. What’s this idea about? Just go through your general content and repurpose in small pieces so that you can divide and multiply it quickly!

9. Repost

Another way of creating quick graphics is by reposting. Reposting means reusing your audience content, where your brand appears. Of course, always make sure you have their consent to repost their content!

10. Use apps to create fast social media graphics

Photoshop is amazing for professional graphic designers. But when your team doesn’t have one or you need to solve it quickly, what do you do? Nowadays, there’s the possibility to create quick social media graphics by using free or paid apps that will manage design patterns we can work with.

Ever heard about This is one of the most famous freemium online platforms for social media. They have millions of social media ideas and patterns. You just have to log in for free and start working.



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